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Chatham Ecumenical Council
Helping Prevent Cape Homelessness

How to apply for help

FIRST STEP:  Complete the Request for Financial Assistance online form below and submit it to us for consideration.

SECOND STEP: The CECH Evaluation Committee reviews the request form you send in collaboration with a representative from the Homeless Prevention Council or another local social services agency.

THIRD STEP:  CECH will respond to the request promptly. If the request for assistance is approved, the Treasurer of CECH sends a check for the approved amount directly to the applicant’s bank, creditor, or other third party goods/services provider.
Note: Financial assistance funds are not given directly to an applicant.

Request for Financial Assistance
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We are local folks who will
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“Now more than ever our local communities need support systems to help our neighbors in need deal with economic issues brought on by challenging life events. For those struggling with housing issues, CECH has been, and pledges to continue to be, an active participant in that community support system. CECH's mission is accomplished through "neighbors helping neighbors," with a loyal network of volunteers and donors working together to deliver financial assistance for immediate housing-related needs as well as hope for a better tomorrow.”

CECH President
Erin Minichiello 

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